Salad With a Side of Fries

The Morning After

Episode Summary

In this episode, Jenn, joined by her friend and birthday twin, Stephanie, talks about what happens after a meal, a day, a week of indulgences. Jenn & Stephanie celebrated their birthdays on Monday! We get to hear all about it and what they're doing now to keep moving forward in their wellness. This episode is packed with real life examples and simple ways to pull it back together when we're feeling out of control. As Jenn says, it's not about never indulging; it's about having those moments and continuing. We don't have to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Or dump those other 11 eggs! Listen in and you'll get it ;) Become A Member: Free Menu Plan & Regimen Recommendation:

Episode Notes


"We often say to ourselves, 'ugh, I screwed it up. I failed. I'm a failure. I can't do this.' You didn't. You're not. You can." - Jenn Trepeck
"To follow a plan that doesn't allow for [indulgences] is a plan that sets us up for failure." - Jenn Trepeck
"You haven't failed. The diets you've tried in the past have failed you." - Jenn Trepeck

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