Salad With a Side of Fries Nutrition & Wellness

Fad vs. Fact

Episode Summary

This might be the episode you've been waiting for! While every week, Jenn helps clear the fog around wellness and weight loss, this week she tackles a laundry list of popular diets and philosophies we've all heard. From vegan, keto, IF, Intuitive Eating to cheat days, bloating and the TikTok stair climber workout, it's all here. Here's to your health in 2021 and staying above the fray~ Become A Member: Free Menu Plan & Regimen Recommendation:

Episode Notes


"Challenge changes the body." - Jenn Trepeck
"We cannot outrun our forks." - Jenn Trepeck
"Vegan, keto, all these diets tell me what you're not eating. Your outcomes and health are a function of what you are eating."  - Jenn Trepeck
"In Western medicine we are compared to each other. In Eastern medicine, we are compared to biology and how the body was designed to function." - Jenn Trepeck

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