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Because It's Not Always About the Food (feat. Jessica Procini)

Episode Summary

We've all had those moments...when making the nutritious choice feels like climbing Mount Everest. Why is that? Other times, we're eating in celebration, in consolation and frankly it can feel like food often fits any emotion! Enter Jessica Procini, emotional eating expert. Jessica and Jenn walk us through this complicated world of emotional eating, from identifying the emotional eater, understanding the root of the behavior and the underlying emotional need. The result of this work? A powerful new outlook, transformed habits and potentially achievement you never would've imagined. Become a Member: Check Out Jessica's website: Jessica's IG: Jessica's FB:

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"I was using food to numb myself. I didn't want to be numb anymore...and I didn't want to think about food all the time." - Jessica Procini
"Now food is a nourishing asset." - Jessica Procini
"Emotional eating only makes turbulent times more turbulent." - Jenn Trepeck